"Do All With Love. Even a Pinch will do."

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Cheers! Lov3stia is Launched!

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For as long as I could remember this has been a goal for me in the past 3+ years. After many of my friends and loved ones who have always asked me 'where is your food blog?', ' where is your portfolio!?' or even 'Can you just review all the places you eat and share it? I need to plan a party/date!' From all of those questions and added support I finally got it together and... Lov3stia - A food, lifestyle, creative space is live! This is my open invitation To: You! Join me on my many adventures in travel, food, cooking, creative projects (modeling, photography), diy (crafts!) and other interesting things that I may come across! 

My philosophy is simple, 'Do everything with love, even a pinch will do.' (Since we all have to begin somewhere, correct?) I firmly believe nothing in life is worthwhile in our precious time without passion and/or love. So focus on gratitude, love, and all things wonderful! 

- lov3stia (Love Esther, for those who don't know what it means yet) 

ps: I am still working on some tweeks with this website/blog! Stay tune with updates! 

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