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Come away with me.. to Hawaii' !

YES, come away with me on a cruise! During my 2nd time visit this year to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, my family and I opt for a cruise route with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Needless to say it was quite the experience. It was our first cruise and there was definitely moments of, "wow, these areas are so cool, the stair case looks like the one from Titanic!" and also many, "okay, I miss land. I'm dizzy." All the way to, "Great I'm on land and I still feel like I'm on the ship."  (That lasted for at least another additional 3 days post cruising.)

Overall it wasn't a bad experience, would I ever go on a cruise again ? Yes probably. However I would have probably enjoy my time just a bit more if it were to be a younger cruise season, compared to the 'family' Easter season I was there for. 

Anyhow, the trip was 7 days long and I stayed for an additional 6 days atop of it all in Waikiki, Honolulu. 

Here is the Ship ('The Pride of America'):

Considering it was my first cruise, I really wasn't too sure what to expect. My highlight being on the ship was:
- Fresh and abundant amount of papaya every day, all the time. (.75/c a lb!)
- Fresh Hawaiian Pineapples. (don't get me started. I can eat an entire pineapple myself here!)
- Hollywood Theater live dancing/singing shows were amazingly good.
- DIY classes on making fresh lei's, kakui nut leis, ribbon lei's were awesome!
- White Party / parties on the boat in general. 
- Quality sibling bonding time. 
- Late night stroll on the deck and looking up into the clearest night sky.  
- Family Ping Pong

Oh and something I learned from this cruise experience was:
- Bring your own Shampoo/Conditioner and Body wash (this cruise didn't provide it)
- DO NOT buy the " water/pop packages" it is all provided in 99% of the food area's on the ship. The marketing of it was so good, and I can honestly say I pulled out this 'package deal sticker' maybe twice in the seven days I was on the ship. So ... Don't do it! Save yourself a good $200! 

In my next cruise post, I'll share with you my 7 days at 5 different locations!
If you have been on a cruise yourself, please let me know how it was for you!
Or even better - do you have any cruise lines recommendations!? I'd love to know so that I can plan better for my next cruise! 

xo. Esther 


Will be my first travel post on lov3stia! I am leaving this morning at 8:30am, and is currently attempting an all nighter in hopes that the 7hr flight will be a bit more bearable. 
I'm all packed and excited for my sunshine, foodieventure and fun with my family! 
I am very grateful in having the chance to be visiting the beautiful Hawaii twice within the first half of 2014. Are you leaving anywhere for Easter Break ? 

xo. E

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