"Do All With Love. Even a Pinch will do."

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Gastown: Captivated

What captivates you ? What lights you up and inspires you to get up and out every morning? What drives your passion? What inspires you in becoming more, better or different within you and to those around you?

"The moment you decide to ignite your inner spark of light, everything within you and around you will begin to light up. " -el 

Three years ago, I decided to take a Life Success Course. From my first steps in rediscovering 'Me', I've learned to fall in love. Deeply, unconditionally, authentically, expressively in love with the most important relationship in my life. 

That relationship I fell in love with, was with me.

I used to feel the terms 'Self Love' being a 'Self Fish' act. However someone once asked me, "if you're not making your own Happiness a priority, who will? From understanding the difference now, I've learned  that in order to be successful and fulfilled in what I do, it all begins with a loving relationship with myself. Hence, the tagline!  'Do all with love, even a pinch will do'. It means to  take things step by step, day by day, and learn to ask yourself what you want and fulfill that. 

Be Captivated, let it take you somewhere beautiful. 

 I would like to give a big Thank you to Shawn, my photographer and friend  who lite up all my sparklers for me, so that I could dance around, write in the air like a wizard and for capturing the moments.
Happy Jan 2015, cheers to a beautiful new year!
I'm very excited to roll out more exciting projects this year on Lov3stia, thank you for having stopped by, for the messages and for giving me positive and constructive feedback! I greatly appreciate it! 

Gastown District is the oldest area first established in the heart of Vancouver in 1867 (sometimes known as Old Vancouver). My photo adventure began at the corner of Cambie and Waterfront St, where the famous Gastown Steam Clock stands today. I love Gastown for it's beautiful cobblestoned streets, Victorian styled buildings with a modern touch + lots of lights! This area is great for a casual or romantic strolls, shopping and a variety of delicious, fun restaurants/cafes to visit! 

Images by Daniel Mcleod Photography
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Model: Esther Lam
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Location: Gastown, Vancouver 
Outfit: Golden Flower Necklace from FXXI | Red Sweater from H&M | White Lace Dress from RoseGal 

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