"Do All With Love. Even a Pinch will do."

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Welcome to Lov3stia - A Food, lifestylecreative blog.  

About Esther. 
I am a Dancer, Foodie, Model, Wanderluster, blogger & RMT. 

Lov3stia was created initially as a personal Food and Modelling blog-folio. As content grew and opportunities knocked, I began traveling more and been fortunate to be invited and worked with many incredible artists and businesses offline. 

My vision through the work I share and within my own beingness is to inspire those who I meet to do all with love, to see and experience beauty and find the courage to express authentically. From my younger years of going through anxiety and depression, it brings me great joy to meet other individuals who have reclaimed their power and embraced their passions, heart and love for things they do, meet and have. (YAY to supporting local and entrepreneurs all around!)

Through dance I've found my happy place of active meditation, freedom and expression without words. Through food I've learned to experience the pleasure of  whattaste could bring to the soul. Through modelling, I've connected myself to kicking low self-esteem out the door and owning my body, creating stories through captured moments. In traveling, I've learned to create myself through the experiences I gain from not being in the comfort of my own backyard and connect with love where ever I go, with people, places and food ( lots and lots of incredible food!) 

- - - 
  Lov3stia - say what?! what does the '3' mean? 

•  Instead of making up a cool story that correlates with the number 3', let's just be honest okay? The 3 doesn't have any significant meaning behind it, asides from the fact that I find it visually pleasing with the way I doodled my name over and over again on my notes back in jr.high.  
•  Lov3stia translates to my wish of : ' with love, Esther '.  
It's similar to signing off, after writing a letter to loved ones, or in my case right now
I'm writing to whomever that is joining my adventure on this blog! 

- Lov3stia 

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