"Do All With Love. Even a Pinch will do."

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Welcome to Lov3stia - A Food, lifestylecreative blog.  

I am Esther, born and raised in Calgary with a business/marketing background who currently is also a RMT. By day I heal others from day to day stress and/or injuries and by night or whenever I get the time I travel, write, model, cook and eat. 

In between all that I am currently also working on a health & wellness project which I will be sharing on Lov3stia in early 2016! Aswell, I frequent myself within my local community.. and occasionally events across Canada in Food, Fashion or businesses/ideas that I dig! (you can find some of my coverage/promotions with local businesses/artists in my Events + Business tab!) .. All my other tabs are pretty explanatory, so thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and learn something from my online playground @lov3stia.com  
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  Lov3stia - say what?! what does the '3' mean? 

•  Instead of making up a cool story that correlates with the number 3', let's just be honest okay? The 3 doesn't have any significant meaning behind it, asides from the fact that I find it visually pleasing with the way I doodled my name over and over again on my notes back in jr.high.  
•  Lov3stia translates to my wish of : ' with love, Esther '.  
It's similar to signing off, after writing a letter to loved ones, or in my case right now
I'm writing to whomever that is joining my adventure on this blog! 

- Lov3stia 

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